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Now automated commercial batting cages are both affordable and moveable for use year around. They can be set up indoors or out and require no permanent construction.
  • Framework is constructed with high strength aluminum tubing with adjustable features
  • Netting is black, #42 knotless, weather treated nylon, sewn to black, heavy-duty VCN sleeves
  • Flooring is made of 100% polypropylene stretchable material that attaches to the net
  • Cage entrance uses black, PVC coated chain link fencing with a 36" entry door
  • Pneumatic ball return system automatically and efficiently returns all balls to the pitching machine
  • Dense foam padding is wrapped around the framing near all impact areas
  • Coin or token operated pitching machines with selectable number of pitches
  • Each cage operates independently of each other
  • Available as a single unit (16'w. x 60'l. x 14'ht.) or as a double unit (32'w. x 60'l. x 14'ht.). Custom size configurations are also available
  • Cages are available in baseball, fast or slow pitch softball, or a combination
  • Options include canopy over hitting platform (available in a variety colors) and aluminum hitting platforms
The amortized cost per station averages 20% less than the large permanent mono-pole systems, with better utilization rates. Start with a few units and add more as business increases.

Consistently year after year, commercial batting cages have proven to be steady moneymakers.

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