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Baseball / Softball are jointly the largest participant sport in the country. Both have seen steady increases in their popularity and have proven to be solid revenue sources year after year.

Sport Cages' commercial batting cages can be set up indoors or out and require no permanent construction. Our sports cages have a unique floor system which integrates with the automated ball return and quickly returns all balls to a coin or token operated pitching machine. Single or dual station sports cages are available. Ideal locations for these cages are sport complexes, amusement parks, family entertainment centers, malls, and ball park complexes.

BATCO commercial batting cages are manufactured specifically for little leagues, high schools, colleges, and universities. Its unique design is built for structural integrity while offering greater use of hitting space. BATCO sports cages can be set up indoors or out and can be "accordianed" for quick storage. Models include a 54' cage for softball and a 72' cage for baseball.

Capture a part of the phenomenal growth golf has experienced over the past few years and continues in becoming the fastest growing sport in America.

Sport Cages' "automated" golf driving ranges with golf driving netting, efficiently returns all balls to a dispensing center. They can be set up indoors or out, are "moveable", and require no permanent construction. They can come equipped with a distance radar unit that displays the carry distance of each hit ball. Locations best suited for these ranges are amusement parks, recreation centers, malls, and golf courses.

commercial batting cages
Commercial batting cages

baseball cages
BATCO baseball cages

golf driving netting
Golf driving netting sports cages


batting cages


baseball cages


Golf driving netting
sports cages


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